Bird Watching & Nature Photography


South Texas and South Padre Island is one of the premiere birding areas in the country. Birds from all over North America migrate through our area every winter and spring. We are lucky to live in an area that can provide a resting place or a winter home for our feathered friends. At Tequila Flats we provide an opportunity for birders and nature photographers to get an up close experience that is not available to just anyone. We provide shallow water passage as well as deep water passage and a captain that is knowledgeable of bird species and where to find them. Species like Roseate Spoonbill and the Frigate Bird are sometimes hard to find because their chosen environment is sometimes hard to get to. We also have Deer, Alligator, Coyotes, Bobcats, and Nilgai antelope that run our shores. The Bay is home to the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin who not only feeds in the deep but also feeds in the extreme shallows of the Laguna Madre.

The opportunity to see these animals in their natural environment and photograph them is many times breath taking. Its creates quite the picture. Below are prices

Laguna Madre Shallow Water and River Trip
$75 an Hour for up to 4 people with 4 hour minimum

Gulf Of Mexico Sea Bird Excursion
$110 an hour with up to 6 people with 4 hour minimum

* Trips with groups of more than 6 can be accomodated but will need reservation in advance with deposit.











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